Monday, April 14, 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Party Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin has an awesome new sneak peek of what you'll see at the upcoming Puffle Party. Don't watch it if you don't want spoilers!

This Puffle Party is going to be awesome! Do you think they'll be adding puffle names like they did with Chedda?

—Formal Dude

Club Penguin Free Items at the Puffle Party Sneak Peek!

Recently, Polo Field posted a sneak peek on two free items that will be available during the Puffle Party 2014, which will be arriving later this week. Take a look!

Which of these two upcoming items is your favorite? My favorite item is the second one. Tell me in the comments below!

—Icey Jot Pop

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rockhopper Meetup Schedule for Puffle Party 2014!

Rockhopper meetup schedule for the 2014 Puffle Party

Rockhopper has arrived on the Club Penguin island just in time for the 2014 Puffle Party! Club Penguin has given us Rockhopper meetup times for different language servers where he will be making appearances.

All time is given in Penguin Standard Time

Sunday, April 13:

Monday, April 14:
  • 1:00 AM PSTRussian server Буран
  • 5:30 AM PSTPortuguese server Torta de Atum
  • 8:00 AM PSTRussian server Аврора
  • 8:00 AM PSTFrench server Yéti
  • 8:30 AM PSTGerman server Montag
  • 11:45 AM PSTPortuguese server Mamute
  • 2:45 PM PSTPortuguese server Ventilador

Tuesday, April 15:
  • 2:00 AM PSTRussian server Варежки
  • 5:25 AM PSTPortuguese server Deu Branco
  • 6:00 AM PSTRussian server Северный Олень
  • 7:30 AM PSTFrench server Yéti
  • 10:45 AM PSTPortuguese server Picole
  • 2:15 PM PSTPortuguese server Tudo Branco
  • 11:30 PM PSTRussian server Айсберг

Wednesday, April 16:
  • 6:00 AM PSTPortuguese server Pororoca Polar
  • 6:30 AM PSTRussian server Аврора
  • 7:30 AM PSTFrench server Jour de Neige
  • 9:30 AM PSTGerman server Mittwoch
  • 10:30 AM PSTPortuguese server Neblina
  • 2:20 PM PSTPortuguese server Sundae

All time is given in Penguin Standard Time (PST). To see what time it is in PST, go to the Snow Forts and look at the clock tower. You can also follow @Cena12121 on Twitter for automatic notifications on Kermit meetups.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Club Penguin App for iPhone & iPod Sneak Peaks!

Club Penguin App for iPhone and iPod Touch sneak peek

A lot of people have been waiting for the Club Penguin App to become available on the iPod Toud and iPhone, but now Club Penguin has informed us that they are almost finished with this much awaited for release!

As you see in the sneak peeks above, the app will have a bunch of rooms, igloos, and puffles! The Club Penguin App for iPod and iPhone is coming real soon.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rockhopper Returns for Puffle Party 2014!

Captain Rockhopper has arrived in Club Penguin just in time for the 2014 Puffle Party! He also brought along the Dog and Cat Puffles for us to adopt next week!

With him he brought a brand new Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. This time's free item for members and nonmembers is the Pufflescape Ball Cap.

Click here to find Rockhopper with our famous Rockhopper Tracker!


Club Penguin Furniture & Igloo Catalog Cheats April 2014!

This is the Club Penguin Furniture & Igloo catalog hidden item cheats for April 2014!

To find the Puffle Stage:

Step 1. Go to page 29.
Step 2. Click on the center of the page.

To find the Terracotta Tile:

Step 1. Go to page 30.
Step 2. Click on the Sunny Sky Floor.

For more Club Penguin catalog cheats, click here.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 TV Commercial!

Club Penguin has a commercial out in the UK about the Puffle Party 2014. This video has some awesome sneak peeks!

I can't wait for the Puffle Party this year! Did you know that puffles will be able to do tricks?

—Formal Dude