Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Post Cards and Disney is Advertising Club Pengiun!

Hello Penguins!

There is two things that I want to talk about. First is that Club Penguin has added some Holidays Post Cards! Here they are:

Disney News

Also, Club Penguin said that they will never advertise Club Penguin in any way. Right? Well, they are breaking the promise to the Parents and to the Children! Disney made a commercial about Coins for Change and put it on the Disney Channel! The commercial already aired about 50 times but, I think they stopped putting it because a lot of parents and kids are Emailing them about it. So, I think that they stop putting it.

This is the promise Club Penguin made to everyone:

"Club Penguin is completely funded by subscriptions and there is no advertising or marketing of any kind."

Looks like they broke there promise! The T.C.P.C. Team is investing more on this situation. We will keep you updated.

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. No they said that there will be no ads on the site, and they also said they had a good number of people before disney, but Disney might ad it.

  2. its sunday 4:45 and they just aired the comercial

  3. hey cena12121, do u think you could give me the pic of that penguin with a jackhammer that was on ur website when u were remoddeling? ive put a new template on my site and im getting new widgets too. if u could get it plz email me at

    thanks! keep up the great work tpcp!

  4. Hey Revhead1,

    I have sent you an Email.

  5. thanks cena, by the way im the guy who runs revs club penguin guide, which is on ur blogroll (thanks for that!) keep up the great work!