Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why did Club Penguin Remove Some Emotes?

Hello Penguins!

Do you remember when I said that Club Penguin removed the Heart and Skull emote? Well, the T.C.P.C. Team wanted to know why. Here is what Club Penguin had to say:

"Hello Cena12121,

In Club Penguin we want penguins to find great buddies to hang out with and play games with. We have received a lot of feedback from both kids and parents telling us the heart and skull emotes were not really that useful for telling someone you want to be their buddy, so we decided to remove them from Club Penguin.Let us know what you think of this.


Club Penguin Support"

So, there you have it!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. thats stupid they should keep the emotes

  2. Are you going to post what clubpenguin told you when you sent the email?
    PLZ DO so we can see!

  3. they should keep them and get the others the heart meant u love em or summat im not a mindreader

  4. keep the skull one i like it its cool it means like for o wtf keep the emote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You Should Keep the skull one Because O WTF KEEP THE EMOTE!!!

  6. hahahaha you are teez

  7. I was not even there in CP when the skull emote was there! CHEATING!