Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Special Report: Disney Advertising Club Penguin!

Remember when I posted about Disney advertising Club Penguin? Well, I said that we will do more investigating. And we now give you the promise! This is a special Team Club Penguin Cheats report. All content in this post (Video, Text, Sound) is copyrighted.

The Club Penguin Company promised that they will never advertise or market Club Penguin to keep it safe. Well, they have broken this promise to us! Disney is airing Coins for Change commercials on the Disney Channel. That's called advertising!

"Hi there,

As you know, Club Penguin has recently launched a wonderful event called 'Coins for Change.' This event allows for penguins to donate their hard earned coins to one of three great causes; the environment, children in developing countries and children's health. Because this is such a great opportunity, Disney channel asked us if they could run a special promotion for 'Coins for Change.' We agreed that this would help get the word out there and let all the penguins know of this great opportunity.

We here at Club Penguin continue to commit to an ad free Club Penguin and also to stay away from advertising elsewhere. By remaining ad-free, we can provide our users a safe haven from marketing. This means we will not host any advertising on the game or our website for other games or companies. This is very important to us and we know it's important to you as well.

Feel free to respond if you have any unanswered questions and we will help as best we can. Have a great day!

Warm regards,
Club Penguin Support"

So, they said that they allowed Disney to advertise Club Penguin!

This is the commercial Disney aired on the Disney Channel:

A guy named Mikey was the host for this commercial. He said that Disney planned a Coins For Change Kickoff at the San Fransisco Zoo. Radio Disney and Club Penguin was there. Hundreds of kids showed up at the Kickoff and played limbo, contest for the best kid who can waddle like a penguin, arts and crafts, and lots more! To even get more people to come, Disney got Moris Arias(Rico) and Madison Pettis to sign autographs.

The Coins for Change Kickoff pulled a lot more people to club penguin. If you go to Club Penguin right now, and go to the US Server section and on the first page, I bet you that almost all of them are full! What do you think about this?

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  1. they said they would not have commercials on the web-site

    p.s. cant wait for the drawing

    p.s.si know 75 cheats

  2. ther probably agreed to advertising on disney beacuse they own club penguin, so it wouldnt be a form of advertising, instead "letting people know about club penguin" oh, im sorry, i think thats called advertising club penguin!!!

    good luck with the drawing of ur new member! i didnt enter but i have my own site and im pretty busy with that. and cena12121 thanks for the pic!

  3. Hi Cena!

    I knew your website for ages now and it rocks! Mine rocks too, but I never get any comments. I never have that many members, and roxypopqueen is my only member. I have my own web too and it's on your blogroll: CPGAC.

    Maybe we can work together someday, and BTW,YOU'RE MY HERO!

  4. So, do you have to go to toys r us and buy toys to unlock the coin on the login page?