Saturday, December 29, 2007

Editing a Members Igloo!

Do you know that you can edit a Members Igloo? Well, this is how:
  1. Go to your Igloo.
  2. When you get there, go somewhere far from the door.
  3. Click on the door.
  4. While walking to the door, click on the Measuring Tape(Edit Button).
  5. When the Map comes up, click on the Member Igloos.
  6. Choose a Member's Igloo and go there.
  7. Now, you will be able to move their furniture!
How cool is that?! Now, you can decorate a Igloo the way you want to! Thanks Jesse for this great cheat! Do you want your name to be on this site? Then send us a cheat, glitch or secret about Club Penguin by posting a comment and we'll put it on the site!


  1. I put that on my website before you.You didn't ste3al it did you.But anyway Mimo was the first one to find it.

  2. Hey,

    No I didnt steal it. I found this glitch in 2006. By the way, I NEVER steal anything from other sites because I dont like it when people do that to me and I never been to your site.


  3. hello! did you know that you can do the same to a buddy's igloo? yeah first you open the buddy list then click the measuring tape icon now click a buddys igloo and you can re decorate! (the buddy will not be able to see the new arrangements)

  4. it doesnt work why is it not working? to answer this question email me at
    i better get it working or i'll sue you! nah i wont i was just kidding hahaha

  5. I tryed but i didnt work

  6. I didnt work can u give me any more tips on how to work it?