Friday, February 1, 2008

New Penguin Style Catalog!

Hello Penguins!

There is a new Penguin Style Catalog! It has alot of new cool clothes! It also has new Hidden Items! Lets find them togethor!

To find the Green Sorkel:
  1. Go to the second(2) page of the Catalog.
  2. Click on the Colored tag that is on the Whit Admiral Jacket.

You know have the Green Sorkel!

To find the Red Viking Helmet:
  1. Go to the Fifth(5th) Page.
  2. Click on the Top of the Russian Hat.

You know have the Red Viking Helmet!

You can also get a secret Blue Viking Helmet too! just open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.
Also, this months "On the Job" is a workers uniform!-Cena12121 (T.C.P.C. President)


  1. Cena, My Clothing catolog cheats looks terrible. Not yours, mine. I hate it. Ceck my clothing catolog cheats and give me advice.


  2. Hi!
    thanks so much for the coments!
    I will make more slide show's.
    Thanks for the pic u gave me my slide wouldnt have benn complete without it!!!!
    Simmer 27

  3. I personally think that this catalog is the best one ever. What do u think?
    could u coment my site and tell me plz?
    thanks for everything!