Friday, February 15, 2008

New Club Penguin Pin - Anchor Pin!

There's a new pin in the snowy wonderland, Club Penguin! It's a Anchor Pin! The Anchor Pin located at the cove. It's on the little snow piles that's in the little pond. But, the pin moves too! It will either be on the snow pile that is on the left, or on the right.



  1. I found a new cheat...
    If you click on the door to the Deluxe Snow igloo in the upgrade catalouge you can get a Secret Agent igloo. The only difference is it is made of stone and has a steel door.

  2. CENA!!! YOU DIDNT MEET ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cena,
    How come you didnt meet me on CP?! On Saturday, remember? You said you'd meet me on your time at Two o' clock which is Five o' clock for me. On tobaggon on the beach remember????? Well, meet me on the 18th instead. Same time and place!

  4. You have the 18th off right so you can meet me, Cena?? On CP. 18th is presidents day so you probably have off. Well technically it's tomorrow

  5. when i look for bthe pins there never there what should i do?