Monday, March 3, 2008

Jet Pack Adventures is Updated!

Club Penguin has just updated the Jet Pack Adventures game! Here's what's:

- They finally added The Stage.

- You go way more faster.

- There is more fuel tanks.

Also, if you finish the game and you get zero coins, then you get 1,000 coins! Go play the game now! It's way more fun. Thanks, Maxy01234, for the tip.



  1. hi its me armour654 thanks for adding me!!

  2. hey nice update thanks for sharing

  3. Cena,

    I looked at your Twitter, you have an S.O.L Writng test. What is that. I know its probely a state thing. Whcih state do you live in . In California which I live in, Tuesday, the 4th graders have a writing test also. But acctually since Im in fifth grade Im going on a field trip tommarow!!! Whcih is Tuesday.


  4. Kewl! Billybob also wrote a post about it

  5. Cool, better then watex's

  6. Maxy01234 wont add me!Im so mad at him!Hey Cena.