Saturday, March 1, 2008

Secret Club Penguin Project!

WOW! Check this out! Club Penguin is having a secret project! It is called "Club Penguin Improvement Project"! You can't find it by wondering the the island. You have to go to a secret link! CLICK HERE to get to it. When you get there, click on the "Eye Scan 3000" and the doors will open. It also has a countdown. The countdown will stop on Monday, March 10 and the project will be release! Hmmm I wonder why it is so secret. I bet that this is what Billybob was talking about on the Club Penguin Blog. He said that something is top secret and can't share it with us. Is this about ninjas? Are they going to do something new to Club Penguin? Tell us what YOU think!

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-Cena12121 (T.C.P.C. President)


  1. Thanx for putting me on ur blogroll. If only i could figure out how to get one?

  2. Cena,

    How did you find that page?


  3. hey dude i was wondering how did you text boxes in you site like the coments part

  4. hey, is this something to do with the club penguin secert agents? i wonder what it coulld be?u rock!!!!!!!!!

  5. i think this has something to do with the top secret stuff!
    - chispy12

  6. ur website is rubbish