Friday, March 7, 2008

We're Starting to Build the Migrator!

We are starting to build the Migrator! Woo Hoo! I can't wait until we are done. Maybe we will have a little party when we're done?

-Cena12121 (T.C.P.C. President)


  1. I'm gonna have an awesome party.Please com.If you can please make a post about it.

    When:Sunday March 9th

    What time:9:00 p.m Club Penguin Time

    What Server:Frozen

    What Room:Dojo

    Why:Just to have fun


  2. im having a party.
    Hopeully mine wil be a success! I need as many penguins as possible to come! So plz tell everyone you know!
    When: Sunday March 9th

    Time: 5:00 am club penguin time

    Server: Snowy River

    Room: Forest (if forest is full go to the ice berg! I will be going to and from these places)

    Colour: Red (for red queen)

    I want to see all of you there!

    -Red Queen4 ( i know its amazing, i mean come on RED QUEEN4!!!!!)

  3. Hey Nice tool bar you have. I didn't downloaded it though.

  4. I saw you in Tundra! See my site for a picture!

  5. Cool, RH is coming! Yahoo!
    - Chispy12

  6. Please check your blogroll. I have sent my message.

  7. nice blog cena! i hope i will meet you! by the way i'm snowhours...=)...