Monday, April 14, 2008

Awesome Glitch on the New Club Penguin Homepage!

Check it out! The new Club Penguin site is absolutely awesome! It looks totally different. Some people are still having trouble getting in but I'm in perfectly fine. I also found this super cool glitch that no one has found. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin homepage.(
  2. Now, Right Click on the Island where all the Penguins are.
  3. Once you right clicked, You will see "Zoom In". Click it.
  4. Now, Right Click again and click "Show All".

It's pretty cool. You get to see the stuff that's "Behind the Scenes". But, I don't know what to call this glitch. Do you have any names?

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. Do you mind if I take my own picture, but put this info on my site as long as I credit you?

  2. First of all, YAY FIRST COMMENT! Cena i found out that when you press the right side of the lighthouse (in the website a secret angent penguin comes out. It doesn't do anything hting special, but just wanted to let u know.

  3. why cant i get on to play clubpenguin i can get onto the site but not play

  4. i have found a new secret, on the homepage of clubpenguin next to the lighthouse there is a spy phone click on it and a secret agent comes out!

  5. Looks cool! Thanks Cena!

  6. the name should be behind the site

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  8. I already found that glitch when I zoomed in for the video the first day the new site came out.

  9. wow i live in london well not central london but not far away i could get the train to central london anyway thanks for the secrets and the information about the zoo thing but i wont be able to make it :( but oh well i will have fun at the party on that day :)

  10. ok i don't know where else to put this but heres an AWESOME glitch!
    1.take off all clothes
    2.wear the fish costume player card
    4.take off fish costume on card but DO NOT CLOSE CARD
    5.STILL dont close it but put on a propellor cap.
    6.STILL without closing it dance
    EFFECT: the empty costume steps away from the penguin and throws a snowball as the penguin begins to float.