Thursday, April 10, 2008

Migrator Finished, Finally!

It's about time! The Migrator is now finished! It looks like the same good-old Migrator. It is clean and you can now go into the Ship Hold.
Now, the only thing missing is Rockhopper! If you look at the beach, you will see a "Flare Flinger 3000" machine. The "Flare Flinger" launches fireworks in the sky to get Rockhopper's attention so he can come back and get his ship. It's pretty cool. Check it out!
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There is also a super, special, secret surprise for penguins that tested the Club Penguin Improvement Project Test Servers. The prize is some kind of item. But, we would have to wait for a while to get it. I wonder what it is. . .

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. Hey theres me on that image! Cena, whn you were on the ship did you know I was making pictures too. But sorry, you weren't in any of my pics! What is this secret thing?

  2. hey cena just wanted to ask u if ur gonna order backlash?
    please comment on my blog

  3. you can't go in the ship hold

  4. Hi cena1212
    what religion are u!

  5. Im quaker.
    And you can go in the ship hold.
    Im not cena but i know u can i been down there myself. And the surprise is probably something ur real penguin will get... maybe it's a membership! That would SUCK though, I'm ALREADY a CP member! I hope its a golden puffle maybe they planned the play just for the testing server people. Or an item from rockhopper? maybe a secret item idk what it could be though.
    - Roger F. (coffee2353 on CP)
    ps I havent posted a comment in like a month! this is soo weird...

  6. hi im 9991harry can you find out what the prize is plz

  7. hi u do no that the prize is an item and its will be delivered in a special way. it will probably be a hat saying test or something.

  8. i think i know what it is a beta hat

  9. i think i know its a beta hat i think