Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rockhoppers Back & Free Item!

Rockhopper is here! And he did arrive with a motor, just as I thought. Anyway, he has free Red and Black Sialor Shirt for everyone at the beach. Also, Rockhopper is going to hide his keys for his Room on monday and if you find the key, you get to enter Rockhoppers room! I can't wait!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. Hey Cena,

    The T shirts rocks! Its just what I needed. For months I've been freezing my body. Now Im a little cozy!

  2. Wait, your holding Two club penguin memberships right now? And you need help. Well the time and date is up to you. This is how you give one away. It will be a raffle. Open a small site by using Piczo. Then put a shoutbox. Sont forget to use rules. And then they sen thier penguin name and email address. And then ywho ever wons, you you email them the code.


  3. Cena12121,
    You play on Neopets? I have like five accounts on there and i forget all the passwords. lol.

  4. Dear Team Club Penguin,

    Did you know there is also a free sailors hat? Well if you didn't it is at the plaza in the cheest.

    My Chiller (on cena's buddy list)

  5. Well Mr President Sir I Met RH On April 25th 2008 at about 8:13am I Met Rockhopper In The NORTH POLE Server In The Canaidian Flag He Left At Around 8:19am And I Just Got His Signed Background At About 8:17am So I Just About Got His Background In Time. Oh And Mr President Sir How Many Times Have U Wanted To Use: Numbers, Dashes, Dots Get This Rockhopper Can Do It It's So UnFair He Even Said To Me This: Hardy-Harr-Harr-Harr! Isn't That Unfair Sir???!!!???!!!

  6. Nahh, I don't play Noepets or Maplestory. They are just ads on this site.

  7. Anonymous, you don't have to call Cena "Mr. President Sir"