Monday, April 28, 2008

Rockhopper's Key and Two New Rooms!

Rockhopper has now hidden his key for the Captains Quarters! This is how to find the key
  1. Open your map and go to the "Town".
  2. Now, enter the "Coffee Shop".
  3. When your there, go upstairs into the "Book Room".
  4. Now, click on the Book Shelf and select the book "The Journal of Captain Rockhopper".
  5. Go to the very last page in the book.
  6. Now, click on the key.

You have now found the Rockhopper's Key!

The key is also a Pin so you can put it on. To enter Rockhopper's Quarters, go to the Migrator that's in the beach, enter the Ship Hold, and go through the door. The room is so cool! There's even a game called "Treasure Hunt"
That's not the only room that is opened. You can actually go into the Crows Nest by climbing on the ladder that's in the Migrator's upper deck.
-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. I know a strategy to be able to play Treasure Hunt even with the room so crowded that want to play. Click on a sand box and when the thing asking if you want to play comes up don't click yes until the people playing finish. You know theyre done when they appear outside the box without waddling!

  2. Guess what Cena? Idk how this guy did it but he had the RH shirt on and the bottom half of his body that was left showing was brown and his flippers and head and neck were yellow! How do you think he did it?

  3. Hey I posted this on the CP blog too that's run by CP. Why do you think RH has a cannon? I thoght he was a friendly pirate! Did he actually take over RH island maybe it was puffle island before! Or maybe its just for big snowball fights. lol.

  4. GUESS WHAT CENA? I SAW ROCKHOPPER ON CP ON TOBBAGON SERVER! IM SO HAPPY! I GOT HIS FREE BACKGROUND AND ALL!!! YAAAAY! IT WAS AWSOME! WE FOLLOWED HIM AND WENT IN HIS ROOM! IT WAS COOL! HE EVEN TALKED TO US. he said "Yarr-Harr where should we go next maties?" and "Pirate Party" when we were on the ship deck and "I be going now" when he left!!!! it was cool
    click on my player card to see the background. it's so cool!

  5. cena thanks for adding me k bear23 plz dont take me off your biggest fan k bear23.

  6. Hey,Cena!

    I read your twitter!
    Ihave 2 free days in school;) In my country,Latvia, is holiday, and we just dont have to go to school:)

    Cool! How do you're going to spend this day?

  7. go on my blog its zanessa127 penguin help

  8. go to the first book on the shelf and go to the last page. YOU GET A FRIENDSHSIP BRACELET

  9. OMG I SAW ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!! i said 'say hi to lacieborg' and he said 'arr lacieborg how ye be doin this fine day?' i followed him everywhere and i asked him to tell a joke and he said 'ar that i will do, ye know i am a funny penguin' and then he tld a joke! this was at midnight last night and i was the only one following him!

  10. CENA THIS IS HICCPS62 and i would kill to be a member of tcpc what can i do to join i know a lot of cheats and im a good cheatand glitch hacker plz plz plz letmee join i'll do anything

  11. uh you know, I'm not Cena's "fan" I'm his friend. I'm already in the Pucca + Garu fanclub! YAY! (Sorry that was my sis, I was away from my compy, i won't delete that for her sake) or mine! She'll get angry probably. lol.
    I know about the bracelet.
    And where is Latvia? Canada? I looked it up and thats where i think its from.

  12. hey i just got into rockhoppers quarters but i dont know what i should do next any sugguestions????
    -person of the unknown clueless!!!

  13. There's also a friendship bracelet in the Rockhopper and the Stowaway book

  14. couldn"t find the migrator