Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Free Item at the Medieval Party!

Check it out! There's another free item at the Medieval Party! It is a "Wizard Hat". Here's how to find it.
  1. Go to the Lighthouse.
  2. Find the Wizard Hat that's on the table.

You have found the Wizard Hat!

I was hopping for another free item ;-)

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. ayyyy, waz up cena!!!!! hi!!! I found the secret pin.

    1. Go to the Knight Club.
    2. Go to the secret passageway in the speaker.
    3. Go to the Anvil Maker.
    4. Put the pointer on top of the orange goo and let it fall down.
    5. After the anvil is done it will rise up and the pin will pop up.

    -Greeennn 129

  2. Grrrrrrrrrr! That Was My First Item!