Friday, May 9, 2008

New Pin In Club Penguin Cheat - Goblet Pin Cheat!

There's a new pin in Club Penguin! It's a Goblet pin. Here's how to get it

Step 1. Open your map and go to the "Town".
Step 2. Enter the "Coffee Shop".
Step 3. Click on the big lamp and the Pin will fall. Now, get the pin.

What do you guys think of this new pin, the Goblet Pin?!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


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  2. Hey Cena! Are you a fan of John Cena?? And what servers do you go on??

  3. I just found this blog, and just thought I would say that I really like what you have done here. Nice design and nice posts.

  4. Hey the pins hidden somewhere else now that the party has started. Its on the fire mantle in ye Old Coffee Shop. lol! Funny name.