Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Server Test Item & Penguin Mail Update!

C.P.I.P. Server Test Item Update

Here are some updates for the coming soon feature, the C.P.I.P. Server Test Item.
  • The C.P.I.P. Server Test item will be added to your inventory on May 30, this Friday!
  • This item is only for those who helped with the Server Test event back in March. If you logged in to help test, you will receive the item.

Penguin Mail Update

Here are some updates for the coming soon feature, "Penguin Mail".

  • The Club Penguin team has been working really hard on this feature.
  • You be able to send buddies a postcard even if they are not logged in.
  • You'll be able to delete and save your mail!
  • Also, here is the logo for Penguin Mail right now

They also hope to have other new features ready to be out later in June. I can't wait for the item! I think it'll be a hat. What do you think it is?

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President


  1. please help me cena :0(!!! How do you become a test server. And how do you get those test server rooms?


    P.S. I think it would really help if you post these tips on your website

  2. Cena12121 when is the party pleast till me. Can you put lots of games for me? And a lots of stuff that i can get? Is there relly going to be more then one mebershep i just wesh it well be fun.Thankyou so much.

  3. wow! i cant wait for the new item to come i will get it because i helped with the server test back in march.

    your friend bart1879

  4. yea i think it might be a hat but you never know it could be some thing different i cant wait

  5. yeah i think it will be like the beta testing hat but a different color!

  6. Has anyone ever been to Balmorhea State Park?

  7. Cene1231 can you put jokes on your website?

  8. my staff told me it would be a red hard hat and be here at 3:00 ps I am giving away my site please check out thanks mike321

  9. Anonymous,
    I'm not cena12121, but the test servers ended a month ago or so. So you would not know. Also you can't be a "test server" you would have to go on . Cpip stands for Club Penguin Improvement Project. But since the test servers are closed there is only a cpip blog. The test servers were servers to test out how good the new website would work. You know way back when the site was updated? Thanks for the question.