Friday, June 27, 2008

Rockhopper is Back and Free Item- Stuffed Parrot!

After a long month at sea, Rockhopper is back! He also brought a Free Item with him. It's the return of the Stuffed Parrot!

To find and get the free item, the Stuffed Parrot, do this.
  1. Open your map and go to the "Beach".
  2. Now, go into the Migrator by clicking on it.
  3. Once your on the ship, click on "Store" and you'll enter the Ship Hold.
  4. Now, click on the Brown piece of paper in the lower right hand corner.

You now can explore "Rockhopper's Rare Items". The Free Item will be on the left side of the paper.
Remember that you can also go into the Captains Quarters. You just need to get the Key from the Book Room. Click Here to know how to get Rockhopper's Key.

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President
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  1. where is the free stuff???

  2. The other day, we meet on cp and I dont think u understood what i was trying to say. I would like you to put a link from ur post to my site. I would do the same for u. plz reply back at my site.

    p.s. ur site is so cool!

  3. woo hooo rockhopper is the best

  4. cena my username is luigi898yaho....... i was wondering if u could be my friend? i go on huskey, flippers, blizzard, iceberg, mammoth, and, sdeepsnow

  5. Wow i met rockhopper in the migrater ship!!! i made buddy with rockhopper!! did you???

  6. can you have a rockhopper tracker in your site??just suggesting

  7. rockhopper is the best!
    better than all the rest!
    he is so cool!
    he is not a fool!

    that was a little ryme about rockhopper for you i canot wate for him to arrive tomorrow its so exiting whoooooooooo! yea!

  8. wheres the ship??????? meet me at the beach