Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Club Penguin 3rd Anniversary Party Info!

On October 24, Club Penguin is turning 3 years old! Woot! That means there is going to be a Club Penguin Anniversary party! The party will begin October 24, this Friday, and end on October 26. But, that's not all. You and your buddies can party online in Club Penguin AND at Times Square in New York!

Yes, that's right! On October 24, there is going to be a real life party in the middle of Times Square in New York! Also, the party will be broadcasted LIVE on Club Penguin! So, between 3 PM - 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (that's 12-3 Penguin Time) on October 24, you can tune in for the live broadcast from New York by clicking on the special button at the top of your play screen. And we'll be broadcasting the fun you're having in Club Penguin onto jumbo screens right in the middle of Times Square!

Visit www.clubpenguin.com/celebrate for more details on the special anniversary event.

This Anniversary party will be bigger than any other Anniversary Party! More rooms will be decorated, a new Yearbook will be released, AND I even heard that Rockhopper plans to make an appearance!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  1. woot! i'm going to the live brodcast in new york. i am sooo happy i live in new york.

  2. wow thats so cool!

    Nice site!

    And thanks for coming to my igloo!

  3. I'm in new york and can't wait to see the live broadcast

  4. hey are you going to new york i got a invebtaion so i am going i live 3 hr away from new york

  5. hi cena thanks for meeting me on cp. it was a dream come true. bye

  6. hey cena, have you noticed that if you look out of the binoculars, theres a storm!

  7. were do you get the party hat