Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dojo Grand Re-Opening and Ninja Training Game!

Ok, here is the real story behind the Dojo. A penguin named Sensei is the owner of the Dojo. This is the Sensei.
He revealed that he'll be re-opening his Dojo for ninja training! His Dojo grand re-opening party will start on November 14 and end on November 16. He said that has came back from a great journey. Now, he wants to find students who wish to become ninjas!
He'll be opening a ninja training class soon. You need special Card-Jitsu cards to train with. He will give you some cards to start training. Then, when you have mastered the card game, you will be put in a challenge. And if you pass the challenge, you will become a ninja! Training begins on November 17th.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  1. Cena ive been remembering things from july...

    are you AKA cppro?

    Cause If you are uhhhh

  2. sensei is the guy who is the mystery penguin digging!

  3. sensei is also the mystery penguin who is digging up the dojo? cant you tell? they're the same color, and they both have the same hat and beard!

  4. omg i cant wait to be a ninja! this is so exciting! woo hoo! yay! woot woot! lol

  5. WOW,I cant believe you found this i couldnt see it anywhere

  6. Sweet!

    Maybe Ninjas will be gray-colored!

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