Friday, December 19, 2008

Club Penguin Christmas Party 08' Cheats! How To Find The Free Items & More!

The Club Penguin 2008 Christmas Party has started! And let me tell ya, it is AWESOME! Almost all the rooms are decorated! There are 2 free items! Here's how to find them.

To find the first Free Item, the Santa Hat.

1. Open your map and go to the Snow Forts.
2. Find and click on the Santa Hat.
To find the second Free Item, the Santa Beard.

1. Open your map and go to the Ski Village.
2. Find and click on the Santa Beard.
Also, check out the Book Room. They have 3 new Christmas books.

Here is a list of some recommend rooms.

1. *Dance Lounge*
2. Mine Shack
3. Dojo & Dojo Courtyard
4. Cove

Be sure to check it out and have fun! The party will end on December 29. What's your favorite room at party?

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats and More!


  1. My favorite room is probably the Dance Lounge. Whats yours?

  2. mines probly the dock becuse you slip and slide.

  3. mine is the iceberg because the tree grows when u click on it and it snows there!

  4. yeh cena my fav room was prob....... well i liked all of them but the best was the iceburg because u can build a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!! :) i already had the hat but not the beard i use your site a lot

    cp name Dolphinz03

  5. Yeah, the Ice Berg is pretty cool.

  6. My favourite is the Dance Lounge! :D Did you see that the HQ was decorated for Christmas too!!??

  7. Hey Cena!
    You should definitely put up the cool things you can click on! I found one-it is the snowman in the ski village. You can change his top, middle and bottom! It Rocks!

  8. Hey Cena!
    Happy Holidays!
    I found a glitch!
    If you are going to another room, click anywhere on the screen while you are "teleporting." You will end up where you clicked!

  9. hey cena wat is your fav server to go on because i want to meet u so much plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cp name Dolphinz03

  10. Hmm. I think I like the Pizza Parlour as one of my favorites. And now I have the sudden urge to sing Christmas songs. Like All I Want For Christmas Is You. Christmas must have strange effects on people.
    -11party (Club Penguin name)

  11. My favourite room is the ice berg becuse of that you could make a crismat tree

  12. the ice berg you get to make the cristmas tree

    hmanly CP Name

  13. I like the coffee shop and pizza shop cuz you can take orders and place orders and pretend to cook and bake stuff and say stuff like "Fires pizza" and "Sprays on whipped cream" and it's just cool in general too.

    CP Bucket286

    PS- Is using Mom's account so just so you know