Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Club Penguin Toys Have Just Arrived In The UK!

So many of you in the UK have been asking when the new Club Penguin toys will be available there. Well, they have just arrived! You can find the Club Penguin toys in a lot of UK stores. The toys will include. . .

1. 6" Limited Penguins

2. 2" Mix 'N Match Figures

3. 4" Pet Puffles

4. Igloo Playsets

Also, Club Penguin Trading Cards will be available at UK locations soon. Is there any penguins here from the UK?

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats and More!


  1. Does anyone here have any Club Penguin plush toys? I have the Rockhopper plush. Which one do you have?

  2. i have the ulitmate official guide to club penguin book!

  3. I want the 'Club Penguin Waddle Lot of Laughs Book'.


  4. Well, I am not from UK but I'm from Singapore. I really really wish it would arrive here you know. Its not fair when other countries get everything fun.

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  6. I live in uk.Cant wait for it im going the saturday after christmas i cant wait to go (im going cardiff)

  7. Hi everyone, Im from Australia and i won the viking penguin plush toy. And CP said that they're trying hard to get toys in Australia.

  8. Oh, how cool is that! You won the Viking Helmet Penguin plush toy! Sweeeet

    1. Club Penguin - EXTREMELY RARE Viking Penguin Plush Toy and Certificate of Authenticity


      I am selling a Viking Penguin Club Penguin plush toy accompanied by it's original certificate of authenticity. These were the reward of a random drawing initiated by Club Penguin. 3,000 of these sets were distributed with a monumental amount of participants making the chances of winning extremely minuscule. It was apart of the FIRST AND LAST batch of these toys and these toys were the first series of plush toys. Without the success of these, Club Penguin very well may not have continued this trend. These items will complete any Disney or Club Penguin collection you may have.


      These artifacts of Club Penguin history, nearly six years old, are in spectacular condition. The certificate of authenticity has minor creasing but has no tears or ink fading. The plush toy is just as it was received in the package six years ago. Remember that this is an essential piece of Club Penguin history.

      If you are interested please email me at daniel.jochem@gmail.com with the subject heading of Club Penguin Viking Plush Toy.

  9. you guys know how to use the code to get the free book right? look on youtube if you don't, it takes a couple of minutes but its worth it

  10. BTW i mean the free virtual book (item) not a real book

  11. I live in Australia i just wish they would have it here now! :(

  12. i am from romania and saddly, there is no Disney Store :(( and I think that there wouldn't be any Disney Stores ever... :((((((( it would be awesome if you could have a contest... and the prize to be a plush toy...

  13. i have stowayay, official guide and i won viking plush

  14. im not from UK. but i am from canada.
    i don't have the plush toys tho

  15. The book is real I have it (the blue book in CP)

    If you dont belive me you are wrong!

  16. im right there with you Fluffylin