Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free Club Penguin Coin Code Contest Give Away Winner!

Congratulations Sgirl225! You are the winner of the free Club Penguin coin code contest give away. This was her entry.
This is what Sgirl225 said.

"I'm very happy that I won! Thanks for the prize, and I love your site :)"

Also, for all the contestants that entered the contest, you guys did a GREAT job! Don't let your hopes down, I might give away a free Club Penguin 1 month membership soon. . .

The new mission, mission 10, will be out tomorrow! I will have Team Club Penguin Cheats' mission 10 cheat guide here as soon as it arrives.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  1. You JUST posted this!! also congrats!!

  2. Her art looks like manga a litle bit but its excellent drawing. Cpngratulations to the winner.

  3. Congratulations and that was the one I voted for.
    She or he must me an artist.
    Who could draw so well.
    I can't, though I am planing to be an artist next time.
    Bye ppl


  4. Congratulations you deserve it because your artwork was the best out of all! Mine was the 5th picture but i knew at the beginning that you will win because i compared it to mine and yours was better and congrats again!

  5. Congratulations i am a artist myself i am 10. but i voted for your picture you must have been born an artist!!!!you drow better than me congrats

  6. Congratz!! You did a great job.

    I take art classes and I've got some tips for great draw for anyone who might want to know:

    1. Study your picture
    If you do not want to trace your picture try looking at it and taking note of the detail . (For example Rockhopper's treasure chest)

    2. Draw your picture in pencil first. Make sure that you only press lightly and have a eraser near by. You can trace over your picture in texter or coloured pencil when you have finished.

    1.If you have chosen an abstract picture colour in abstract colours. If you are drawing a copy of a picture try and stick to the real colours. If it's a happy picture use brighter colours, if it's a sad picture, it will be best to use darker colours.

    2. To get the affect our winner used it's as simple as colouring the outline of the of your picture darker. Try it on a some triangles. You will be surprised. Also try thinking of where it is darker (due to shadows) and where it is lighter (due to the light shining there). That is called shading. To get a bold look try colouring with bold colours.

    I hope these tips help you with you drawing. Once again well done sgirl225.

    (Ps. Where I come friend Colour is spelt Colour not color)

  7. Hey...I asked you a question through email and you didn't write back. Then I sent you the picture I drew, even though it was too late for contest entries, just so you could see it, and you didn't write back that time either. I mean, I know you are probably busy, but the least you could do was write a quick email. In my first email, I asked you if you could post a comment on one of my blogs, but you didn't on either one. In fact, you probably didn't even bother to look at them. They aren't popular anyways. I decided to post a comment because I saw, when I was posting a different comment, that you looked at the comments people want to write before they are posted. You will hopefully see this. You don't have to post it on your blog, but you could at least write me an email back. Thanks, I guess, and I like your blog. Keep writing.

    -Petey Flipp

  8. cool blog how did you make it?

  9. u drew tht wow tht's awesome!!!!!!

  10. berta said

    awsome art work it was great you diserved to win i wonder how you can draw like that. i mean im preaty good myself but you are on fire!

  11. awsome art yours was the best you have a hand for drawing!i cant belive that you did that!great job!i coulndt say it any other waybut just to say you ROCK.

  12. congratz! i sure hope there is another contest beacause when i got a code and typed it into my computer correctly it said it was wrong! i was scammed by club penguin, but other than that club penguin is awesome!

  13. Thank you all for your nice coments!