Monday, December 8, 2008

Rockhopper, Rockhopper! Hes Coming!

Look! Rockhopper is on his way to Club Penguin!
Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator, is all decorate for the Christmas party! Here is a close up picture on his ship.
Also, I think when Rockhopper returns, you can play the Treasure Hunt game and the money you make with Treasure Hunt game will be donated to Coins for Change! Rockhopper will be here this Friday, December 12. The same day that Coins for Change starts! Woot!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats and More!


  1. I hope Rockhopper is going to bring us a new free item! What if he brings us a Christmas Tree with Turkey Legs that fly. . . That'll be wicked :-O

  2. yay he is coming!

  3. I hope he doesn't bring the same item that he has brought before, like the eyepatch.. :)
    This Christmas party is going to be awesome!

  4. Dizzentoes Bandi :D

  5. Hey! New Party Sneak Peek on the CP blog website!


  6. that would be cool!!and weird!!

    hey!!u still didnt give the free 1 year membership!!!its been months!and u used it!i tought u will give it to someone!!answer me!

  7. I wana meet Rockhopper this time. I've tried to meet a 1000 times already but I always cant find him :'(
    Well I might find him this time =D
    -Alto Bhai-

  8. WOOT I wonder what he will bring this time.....

  9. wooaa! how u do a layout for the page?