Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rockhoppers Gone and Coins For Change Has Ended!

Noooo, Rockhopper is gone:-(. I didn't even get to met Rockhopper! Did you met him?Also, Coins for Change has ended. The Coins for Change results will be announce in the newspaper on Thursday.

By the way, I making a 2 foot gingerbread house today. Sweeet!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats and More!


  1. Do you guys like that picture that I made? Its me chacing Rockhopper. It's sweeet just like gingerbread houses!


  2. That's sooo cool.How do you do that?

  3. i like the picture and i am making a gingerbread house too i don't know when though


  4. That is funny you chasing Rockhopper. I might make a gingerbread house today. Oh Cena, I was dissapointed about the contest because I don't have a camera to take a picture of a model I can make, next time can you have a contest that anyone can do to participate?

  5. LOL! Also I send my pictures

  6. HAHAHA!

    Nice photo edit! XD


    I need Play-Doh for you contest ):

  7. Cena! Go play club penguin and check the start button on the game! It changed!

  8. what do u use to make widgets? i really like it!!

  9. Hello!!

    My 2000 hits party is on SATURAY the invitation and details are all on my site!!

    I know it’s not as much as your hits but for me it’s a LOT so I hope you can come!!

    I really hope you can come!!

    ~Gears Tv

  10. Yeah, I met him. He's wicked cool. I have a picture, let me see if the picture will work:


  11. the pic was pretty goood and i met Rockhopper

    - zerosk8r1526