Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to do Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission 1 & EPF Mission 1 Cheats!

This is Team Club Penguin Cheats' Elite Penguin Force mission 1, 'The Mystery Unfolds' cheat guide. Here is step by step instructions with pictures to solve the mission.

1. Click on Aunt Artic and talk to her.
2. Enter the Coffee Shop and go all the way to the left until you see a stack of newspapers. Take one of the newspapers.
3. Now, exit the newspaper and click on the Blue puffle that is jumping up and down. The puffle will give you a piece on a paper.

4. Get out the piece of paper and give it to the Brown penguin.

5. After the Brown penguin is done talking, leave the Coffee Shop and go to the Town. Now, get out the piece of paper and give it to the the Purple penguin.
6. Now, go to the Snow Forts and click on the snow man until it gives you a new piece of paper.
7. Click on your blue puffle and then click on the target that is on the Clock Tower.
8. The puffle should have thrown a snowball and knocked down the hat. Now Pick up the hat and give it to the Blue penguin. The Blue penguin will now give you a reward.

9. Now, enter the Plaza and keep clicking on the Blue Mailbox until you get a piece of paper.
10. Now, go to the Dock and keep clicking on the tubes until you get a piece of paper.

11. You know should put the pieces of paper together. It turns out that you get a map! This is how it should look like.
12. Now click on the map from your inventory and drag it to the yellow penguin.

13. Know, go to the Beach and enter the Lighthouse.

14. Once your in the lighthouse, look for the wooden barrel and click on it.
15. A penguin should pop out the barrel. Talk to the penguin named 'Dot' for a while and she'll give you a Club Penguin map.
15. Now, accept the offer to become a Elite Penguin Force Agent. After you accept the offer, a little slide will pop up explaining what EPF is.

16. Open your map and go to the Dojo.

17. Click on Dot and tell her that you want to join EFP.
Mission complete! You have now finished Mission 1, 'The Mystery Unfolds'.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
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  1. Sweet Cena! Pretty awsome! When are you going to do the rest of the missions??

    ~Darts Noah!!

  2. so crazy, so nice you know but so expensive i cant buy it.. you are so so so so lucky you!b >:(

  3. i beat the game. it is sooo easy. plus all the small missions that help the penguins of cp.

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  5. I was wondering if you could post how to finish the little mission with the codes? i couldnt find all the codes i looked everywhere help?

  6. Hi i was wondering if you could post how to do the little mission when you have to find the codes? I couldnt find all the codes i looked everywhere! please help

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  12. PLZ PLZ help me with mission 3 on there!!! and it is a ds game you can get it anywhere they r selling DSs and u do NOT have to be a member

  13. Awesome, but you spelled now like know.^-^

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  16. Heya Cena!! How do I upload my coins to my account?!

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