Friday, January 23, 2009

How to do Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission "A Wrench In The Works"!

This is a cheat guide to do Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission "A Wrench In The Works"!

1. Go to the Ski Village and click on the Orange penguin. and tell him that you can find his wrench.
2. Go to the Town and enter the Coffee Shop. Click on the Brown penguin and talk to him.
3. After the Penguin is done talking, go to the left until you see the couch.
4. Click on it 3 times until you find the wrench.
5. Now, go to the Ski Village and click on the wrench from your inventory and drag it to the Orange penguin.

6. Talk to the Orange penguin and he will give you a Safety Vest!

You have now finished "A Wrench In The Works"!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  2. How do you become an elite penguin?? please please please tell me!!!

  3. Thanks so much! I was looking for that EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much! I was looking for that everywhere!

  5. Because you haven't put them on, here are the cheats for all the other missions cos I completed them all.

    Mission 2: Left to your own devices:
    1. Say 'No, not right now but I'm sure I will have question or two.'
    2. Say 'I want to join the EPF.'
    3. Say 'So puffles can be part of the EPF too?
    4. Say 'A secret room? The entrance to it must be really well hidden.'
    5. Feel around the room until the cursr turns into a moving arrow. Get the Special Pin out and put it there.
    6. Turn the pin around until it's at the same angle as the puffle the right of the one with a dot for a mouth. Put it on top.
    7. Say 'The secret entrance! I found it!'
    8.Say 'I'm ready. Are you coming with me?'
    9. Say 'Who are you? Why can't I see what you look like?'
    10. Say 'Pleased to meet you Director. Dot told me to continue my training here.'
    11. Say 'Yes, of course. Agent D...'
    12. Say 'Does this mean I'm part of the EPF now?'
    13. Say 'No, Director.'
    14. Say 'Are you the one that taught Bouncer how to throw snowballs, PH?'
    15. Say 'So you're Bouncer's training coach?'
    16. Say 'So what does this red puffle do?'
    17. Say 'What does that mean exactly?'
    18. Say 'I think I can figure it out on my own.'
    19. Tap Blast with your stylus. Then tap the second crate.
    20. Tap PH with your stylus. Say 'Will I be training with Bouncer next?'
    21. Say 'Thanks PH, I'll head over right away.
    22. Go to the Ski Village.
    23. Talk to Dot. Say 'I'm going to take a moment to look around on my own.'
    24. Go into the Sport Shop. Find Dot and talk to her.
    25. Say 'Where to next?'
    26. Say 'The Change Rooms? Should I grab somethin to try on?'
    27. Click on the Change Room on the right.
    28. Find Dot. Say 'First the Dojo, now the Sport Shop. The EPF really likes secret doors, hey?'
    29. Click on the closet. Type in 3000.
    30. Say 'This is even cooler than HQ! What happens here?'
    31. Say 'Who gives the orders?'
    32. Say 'What are these supposed to be?'
    33. Say 'What does the Spy Gadget do?'
    34. Click on one half. Now click on the other half. Open your inventory and click on one. Now click on the other one without letting the other one go.
    35. Say 'Director, wait? Am I an agent what's going on?'
    36. Go to your left. Shoot Blast and the crate.
    37. Pick up the object inside the crate.
    38. Open your inventory and click on it. Now click on your Spy Gadget.
    39. Open your Spy Gadget. Click on the box with a circle inside.
    40. Click on the code on the wall. It says 'Red blue blue red red blue.'
    41. Click on the box that came out the table. Press the buttons in the order that was in the code. RED BLUE BLUE RED RED BLUE
    42. Pick up the antenna and put it in your spy gadget. Open it and click on the phone.
    43.Click on Dot. Say 'Well, I'm stuck right now. I can't get out of the Command Room.'
    44. Say 'Wait, did you call me an Agent? Did I pass?'
    45. Say 'Here we go again. What's next?'
    46. Say 'The EPF solves mysteries, has adventures, and helps others. That's what I want to do.'
    47. Say 'Thank you, D. I can't wait to start.'
    Mission 3: Rookie on the Rocks:
    1. Say 'D, is that you?'
    2. Say 'I thought this snowman looked familiar...'
    3. Say 'I'm ready!'
    4. Say 'What will I be lookinjg for?'
    5. Say 'Trading places, got it. How will I recognize him?'
    6. Say 'Wait, isn't he the Rookie? The PSA agent?'
    7. Say 'A snowman thief? Who steals a snowman?'
    8. Say 'Good luck with your investigation. I'll let you know if I see anything.'
    9. Go onto the Ski Hill. Talk to the blue penguin.
    10. Say 'Actually, I wanted to know if you've seen a green penguin with a propellor hat.'
    11. Say 'Thanks for the help'.
    12. Go to the Ski Lodge. Click on the red penguin.
    13. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Go to where the tables are and click on the table in the middle.
    14. Go to the Ski Lodge. Give the soup to the red penguin.
    15. Say 'Is that your snowboard? It looks very rugged.'
    16. Say 'I can help you win back your trophy.'
    17. Say 'Think nothing of it. I've been trying to keep a close eye on the slopes anyway.'
    18. 'Try to feel better. I'll compete against the Blue Team and win back your trophy.'
    19. Take the penguin's snowboard. Click on the suitcase in your inventory and click on the snowboard.
    20. Talk to the Blue penguin on the Ski Hill again. Say 'I'm here because you promised to return the Red Team's trophy if they could out trick you.'
    21. Say 'I'm not with the Red Team but I promised to win the trophy back for them.'
    22. Play SnowBoarding. Try to get at least 400 points, and if you don't, keep trying!
    23. Take the trophy. Give it back to red penguin. Now go back to the Ski Hill and click on Test Track.
    24. Play SnowBoarding again. It doesn't matter how many points you get, but don't lose all your lives.
    25. Follow the tracks through the wilderness until you get to the stream. (When you're at the fire, get Bouncer to throw snowballs at it to put it out)
    26. Talk to Rookie. Then talk to D on your Spy Gadget. Say 'D, I found the Rookie! He's okay, but he's stuck on the other side of the river.' Oh great, I gotta go now, but I thik you'll be able to work out the rest of the mission. Bye!

  6. i did all that now what do i do? i did everything do i just not paly anymore or what plz pst this and tell me

  7. Awesome!! :) thnnx!!

  8. when are you going to get misson 4

  9. i press on the couch 3 times but it isnt working.what do i do?

  10. Thanks sooooo much! I really needed help on that!I have a friend who needs help on this mission so I'll tell her about this!

  11. the orange penguin is named "Rory" and his complete name is "Rory the Construction Worker"

  12. thanks but how do you do some of the other missions?