Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Club Penguin Member 'Dance-A-Thon' Party Cheats!

Check out this awesome Member 'Dance-A-Thon' Party! I personally think the party is OFF THE HOOK! The party is in the Dance Club! You can enter the party from the town or from the Boiler room. This party is for Club Penguin Members ONLY! Here is how to find the free item.

To find the Boom box:

1. Go to the Dance Club (Main Floor).
2. Click on the box of Boomboxs that's beside the door.
Also, If you wear the Boombox on your penguin and you dance, then you will be break dancing! Check out my sweet dance moves ;-D

The party has 3 floors! This is the Main Floor:
The other floor is the Dance Lounge.
You can also party on the roof of the Dance Club!
Also, if you get to meet Cadence, she will give you a free background.

Also the new game is called 'Dance Contest'. It is awesome. You can do a dance challenge by your self or multi player. I will make a Dance Contest game tutorial soon.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats President
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  1. Are you a member or something?

  2. the place looks so cool- too bad im not a member...oh well.

  3. Hello

    Cool are you a member sweet

    Vincent110 V.C.P.C PRESIDENT

  4. I thought you say you are NOT member? :/

  5. I wish i was a member :'(

  6. Cena, how do you put your penguin player card on your website. I want to put mine on my channel.

  7. Could you plz put this weeks club penguin field opp on the website so I can do it