Friday, February 20, 2009

New Better Igloos Catalog- February / March Issue!

There is a new Better Igloos catalog, February-March issue. Here is how to find the hidden items.

To find the Aquarium, go to page 12 and click on the Pinata.

To find the Green Bird House, go to page 12 and click on the right Snow Tower.

To find the Welcome Mat, go to page 18 and click on the Velvet Rope.

That's it for now. Peace.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats & More!


  1. Isn't this like the sweetest party ever?!


  2. You bet Cena by the way look in the bushes at the dojo courtyard for a long time.Sensei has brought a white PUFFLE!:)

  3. you missed some items. in the igloos upgrade there is 2 igloo hidden. One is on the page with the candy igloos on it. Click on all the candy's on the page. Then a ginger bread house will pop up. Then on the gray snow igloo page click on the door of the long igloo and then there will be a stone igloo!


    P.s plz post

    P.s.s or just read???!!!!

  4. i wish they would make furni for non members

  5. Thanks!!

    the party is AWESOME!!

    B.T.W,chena.please tell me what template do you use.Its good to share what you've know...


  6. please post and reply!!!!!!! to my other comment.. i begging to you,cena!! please!!

  7. i know another cheat-if you go to edit igloo and push the igloo it will come to the igloo upgrades catalog. then go to the page with the candy igloos. if you click all the words that are "igloo", you wiil be able to buy the candy cane igloo! try it, it works!

  8. hello i love this blog oh and i seen those igloo catalogs they are the best ROCK ON!!!! I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN

  9. hey dude i tryed the igloos thing for the candy cane igloo and it doesnt work but the other ones do!:]