Monday, April 27, 2009

Club Penguin Secret Agents and Tour Guides Getting Paid!

Starting May 1st, if you are a Club Penguin secret agent or a tour guide, then you will be getting paid each month!

You get paid 25o coins for every job you do. So if you are a secret agent and a tour guide then you get 500 coins every month! Sweet!

Click here to learn how to become a Secret Agent
Click here to learn how to become a Tour Guide

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats & More!


  1. Yah, too bad they're not paying ninjas too (then I would make 250 a month for being one). Maybe they should make a ninja-only gray color change and Japanese hat (like Sensei wears) so that ninjas with the Santa Beard could dress up as him. ;)

  2. Only members is it

  3. hi cena i heard that your have a party soon when is it

  4. Hey guys. I guess it's awesome to get paid if your a non-member. Of course if you know the bean counters cheat (I'm sure most of you do) it isnt that much.=(

  5. I am so exited!!!!!! I am both a secret agent and a tour giued so I will get extra $$$$$ every week!!! Ya!!!!!!

  6. Is it for members only or is it for non members too?

  7. hi cena its me saavy, u mite no me from mimo lol :) hope 2 u c around on cp one day :)
    waddle on!


  8. finally! i kept emailing cp trying to get them to pay us! wahoo!!!

    but do you know if we actually have to DO something, like lead a tour, or what?

  9. 2009 or 2010????????????????