Friday, May 8, 2009

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats and Member's Quest Cheats!

The 2009 Medieval Party is rockin' awesome! There's so many cool things. Here are the Medieval Party Cheats.

To get the Free Wizard Hat, go to the Lighthouse and click on it.

How to do Club Penguin Medieval Party Member's Quest-

1. Find and click on the "Knights Needed" poster (they are in every room).
2. Click "Go There!"
3. It'll take you to the cave. Walk into the gate.

Challenge #1- Go to every orb and stand on the platform to light them.

The next gate will now open.

Challenge #2- Hit 50 targets, then get the free Golden Shield.

The next gate will now open.

Challenge #3- Get the Golden Night's Helmet then do the maze.

This is how you do the maze.

1. Go Down
2. Go Left
3. Go Down
4. Go Right
5. Go Right
6. Go Up

You now have finished the Members Quest! Get your last free item, the Golden Night's Armor!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
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  1. Wow awesome! thanks for cheats it would of took me forever to get stuff.

    your bff babyblue1222

  2. Why it's just for members???????????????????????? >.> >.>
    I hate it! <.<
    Thew really screwed up stuff with this 'ooops! Members!' >.<