Friday, May 1, 2009

Secret Agent & Tour Guide Paychecks Are Here!

If you are a Secret Agent or a Tour Guide then you got a paycheck today!

Secret Agent paycheck:

Tour Guide paycheck:

Each check is 25o coins. So if you're a secret agent and a tour guide then you get 500 coins! Penguins will know start getting paychecks every month! Sweet!

Click here to learn how to become a Secret Agent
Click here to learn how to become a Tour Guide

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats & More!


  1. i didnt get the mail yet :o

  2. They also showed a picture of what it looked like in the NewsPaper. Go to the last page to where the events are and put your mouse on top of the word Penguins Get Paid or whatever it says. And it'll show a picture.