Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force is a Nitendo DS Game that you can buy at Toys 'R' Us, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, and Club Penguin Online Store.

When you buy the game, it comes with a serect code that you can go to and unlock 1,500 coins, a certificate, and get access into the Command Room! Only Elite Penguin Force Agents that entered the secret code get to enter the command room from the HQ.

Elite Penguin Force is a select group of highly talented Club Penguin secret agents who solve the toughest, most puzzling mysteries. Led by the 'Director' and assisted by uniquely trained elite puffles.

In this game you become a Elite Agent. Not a Secret Agent, a ELITE Agent! You get to solve never before seen missions like figuring out what happened to “G”, the gadget guy that went missing and lots more.

You can also play never before seen mini games. Like "Snow Trekker", "Snowboarding", "Dance Challenge" and other known Club Penguin mini games.

If you need help on any Elite Penguin Force Mission, then don't worry! We are here to help!

Elite Penguin Force Mission Cheat Guides

E.P.F. mission 1 cheats- "The Mystery Unfolds"

More Cheat Guides Coming VERY Soon!

Extra Mini Elite Penguin Force Mission Cheat Guides

You can only do these extra minor missions when you are not playing a main mission.

Elite Penguin Force "A Wrench In The Works" Mission cheat guide

Elite Penguin Force "Penguin At Work" Mission cheat guide

Elite Penguin Force "Leaning Order of Pizza" Mission cheat guide

Elite Penguin Force Holiday Missions

Elite Penguin Force "Christmas" Mission cheat guide


  1. how can i be a EPF agent?

  2. those are some funny pics im cuttiekk1 on clubpenguin

  3. Anoymous, its a video game. That means it doesn't matter if you're a secret agent on CP. Its for Nintendo DS.

  4. Hi Cena!!!
    I like the first one the most
    How do I add you to friends??????? On club penguin Im

    chelseamorga :)

  5. I've finished the game! I can post the cheats up! They will be typing though, not videos otherwise they will be blurry 'cause I still have to get used to making videos of video games. The last video wrecked my camera. All my posts will have special pictures and my CP user at the bottom so you know it's from me.

    Carissa77 ☺☻♥§

  6. How do you get into the elite penguin room on the game on the computer? I know u have 2 enter a code, but I don't know what that code is. Plz help me out. THANKS!

  7. i finished all the missions.
    they were so easy a baby could do
    them! but i guess the graphics are
    "good". the next game should be about super elite penguins, supierior
    to the epf. and i wish they make the original game with chat!

  8. where is the code of the game club penguin elite penguin force, I am not finding it anywhere!

  9. can you make cheats to Herbert's Revenge please??

  10. First of all, there are REALLY advanced missions on the EPF like Mission 13. That is when a robot (proto-bot) traps Gary and all types of puffles, so if you watch the video Mission 11-13 EPF mission cheats, it will tell you these VERY advanced missions. Once you rescued Gary and all of the puffles, deactivate the robot and ta da! You like that tutorial at the end?

  11. is a non-member penguin can't be an EPF agent?! :(

  12. anonymous you can be a non-member and still be an EPF agent.

  13. anonymous you can be a non-member and still be an EPF agent.

  14. Hey me and my friend love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you websit its rocks the cheats are so awsome i could of never finished a mission without your cheats you are the ultimate cp penguin we love you

  15. Nice I did the Christmas mission awesome

  16. hi cena can i meet u?
    pleese on cp

  17. Hi cena can i meet u in cp?

  18. If you're wondering, you have to take a test to be an EPF agent. That was a little FYI for y'all out there who aren't agents and want to become one. Thanks!!

  19. I have all the cp codes i can find! If there are any more plz update this website! Thanks for making this website!!! It is awesome!!