Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exclusive New Upcoming Club Penguin Events Sneak Peek!

I just got some awesome news on upcoming events that are going to be happening on Club Penguin! Check em' out!

*New Rooms*
There's going to be some construction, renovations, and new places! Here is a exclusive sneak peek of the new room. I am guessing the new room is Club Penguin's Tallest Mountain.

Special Appearances
Ok, I am guessing that the Penguin Band and DJ Cadence will be making special appearances at the Music Jam party! And The Sensie will also be making special appearances.

Music Festival Party Coming Soon!
Yes, the Music Festival Party is coming back to Club Penguin sometime in July!

New Play at the Stage!
The "Ruby And the Ruby" Play is coming sometime in July!

New Clothing, Wigs, and Furniture!

Game Upgrades
On June 6th, DJ3K game will be getting upgraded with new music and songs!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats & More!


  1. heyy

    great blog

    i cant wait for the new room to come out and also cant wait until the music jamm

    see you aroundd


  2. dont you mean june 26th hehe

    you;re friend goofy73

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit :)


  4. I like your blog i'm lemonbunni your buddie just saying hi and i saw a path next to the mountain!

  5. Hey your blog is really cool!
    How come Ive never come across it before! :/

    ~Amanda Dlny

  6. Also do you think you could visit my blog??

    ~Amanda Dlny

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  9. that number comment was my favorite walmart #

  10. hey cena I was wondering when is the music jam and new clothing and sport catalog coming

  11. cena i was wondering when is clubpenguin gonna put new clothing and sport catalogs

  12. I saw rockhoppers ship thew the telescope at the beacon I think hes comeing.

  13. Isaw rockhoppers ship thew the telescope at the beacon rockhoppers comeing.