Monday, July 13, 2009

Cena Gets Ready for Music Jam Party!

Yo guys, I just totally redecorated my igloo for the Music Jam party! I made it into a concert/stage. Check it out!

Click Here, to enlarge the image.

Make sure to post a comment and tell me what you think of it. I might open up my igloo and have a little igloo party so you guys can look at it! What do ya think?

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats and More!


  1. I love your igloo its the best!!!

    Your friend,

  2. I went to your igloo it is really cool

  3. omg i love your igloo its soooo cool

  4. ok that is the awesomest igloo i think ive ever seen!

  5. Cool! i wish i could get enough coins 2 do that! lol!


  6. Why did you delete me on your buddy list?
    Penguin Name:Snowy65174

  7. hi cena i think u should remove one ticket booth then the igloo would look awesome!!!really cool!!

  8. Hello Cena12121,

    Its me Kiwy604

    All I want to say its a totally good idea Ilove it I want to check your Igloo

    P.S: Your Igloo looks totally cool!! Rock On cena!!!

  9. Hey Cena

    Your Igloo looks awesome! I have to come for the Party


  10. woow can i be in the vip room

  11. Nice Igloo! I'm your biggest fan!

    You accutully tell us what happens each day on Club Penguin! So I will start a website and sponsere you! Thank-you Cena for having a great website

    From , My Chiller

  12. Cena! Its Rosy 88! I think you should make an igloo party! That would be awesome if I could go to your iglooo! What stinks is that I am not your buddy anymore Idk if I accidently erased you or you erased me but hopefully you will add me again! Plus YOUR IGLOO ROCKS! LOOOOOVE IT!

  13. hi cena why id you took me out of your buddy list? i wanted to see your igloo but it turned out you tokk me out of my buddy list.have fun with all your other friends.but i saw it in the cheats and it looks so AWESOME!!!! maybe someday when you come you could be my buddy again.or did i accedintly erased you out but i dont think that happened.BYE
    LOVE YOUR IGLOO!!!!!!!!!

  14. lol nice igloo!!! i wish i could do that lol!

  15. Wow Kool Igloo dude!!!!!! We should totally meet on cp :3

  16. I Love ur igloo, you should make the VIP room bigger with the blue curtaions from last last month's catalog....I HEART YOU!! Marry Me Cena!!!

  17. Hey Cena
    Cool iggy! Its awesome and cool!
    I hope penguins can see it as in penguins that are not in ur list. Just sayin.


  18. friday come on crunch and let me come to the house and be buddies

    i am : 300points
    i will be there everyday

  19. i love your igloo its the best