Thursday, July 16, 2009

More News on Club Penguin Music Jam '09!

Music Jam starts tomorrow! Woot! Ok, there will be a merchandise booth at the Snow Forts. This is where members will be able to buy a All Access Pass, which lets you get into the backstage!

This year there is going to be not 1, but 2 backstage! The first backstage will be at the Dock. The Penguin Band will be at this backstage. There will also be a Music Catalog where you can buy instruments!

The second backstage is at the Night Club ROOF! Here is where DJ Cadence will be!

Remember, starting Friday, we will be tracking the Penguin Band and DJ Cadence with my famous trackers!

Also, the Penguin Band will be preforming at the Ice Berg! But if you don't see them at the Ice Berg, that means that they are hanging out at the backstage!

The stage at the Dock will be the main stage. Everyday, there will be a new music theme there!

I absolutely can't wait no more! I am totally ready to track down the Penguin Band and DJ Cadence! Woo hoo!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
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  1. Awesome, TWO backstages!


  2. Heyy,

    Can u give me Pengie007101 a free backstage pass??
    how do u get one?
    I also want to add you.
    I stumbled across ur site.
    IT'S SOOOOOO ACCURATE! thanks mate.

    Keep the updates, tips, trackers and cheats coming!

    Thanks Pengie007101

  3. were are the passes i looked and it wasent there

  4. Woah Cena a colar vote! Thats so sweet im voteing for maroon! i would vote for aqua but it looks like light blue!

  5. How can you get a free backstage pass without being a member?