Monday, July 13, 2009

Music Jam Party Sneak Peek & Penguin Tales Writing Contest Returning!

Music Jam starts this Friday! I can't wait! Remember that the Penguin Band will be making special appearances! I am having a 100% correct Penguin Band tracker so I can help you find them ;-D. Anyways, here is a exclusive Music Jam sneak peek of the Lighthouse!

Remember the Penguin Tales writing contest from last year? Well, starting July 23 - August 5, Club Penguin is going to be looking for new submissions! This year is gonna be different because it's the first time that French, Spanish, Portuguese and English can all submit in their own languages.

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
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  1. Wow! The Lighthouse looks so rockin' cool! Right?!


  2. Cena you remember me on club penguin Im Sirrah

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  4. Cena, can you please tell me what the writing contest is? (-; My penguin is only 158 days old so.. Thx a billion !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Cena!,
    Guess what I became a member! Then I got the Dojo igloo! It's awesome!
    I also want to arrange a meeting.
    On your next post can you coment (To My Chiller) then server ,time, place and all that stuff so we can meeton Club Penguin?

    Until then,Waddle on, From My Chiller (your biggest fan)