Friday, July 17, 2009

New Pin In Club Penguin Cheat- Beach Umbrella Pin!

There is a new pin in Club Penguin! It's a Beach Umbrella Pin.

To find the pin, open your map and go to the Plaza and go into the Underground Pool. Enter the Boiler Room. Now, find and click on the Beach Umbrella pin.

Need more help? Watch how to get this pin in our VIDEO cheat guide.

What are ya waiting for? Go get the new pin!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader
TCPC: Club Penguin Cheats & More!


  1. Awesome new pin! Right?!


  2. i love this website

  3. hey cena, i found a cheat,you go to the ruby and ruby stage,in the catalog at the end you drag the page of how do i get coins? then you'll find a background