Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cena12121 Finds Team Club Penguin Cheats Fans Igloos!

When I was looking around the igloo list, I found 2 very special igloos! These two igloos have the T.C.P.C. logo, which stands for Team Club Penguin Cheats! Check 'em out!

Silvas12's awesome igloo.

Disneyroks' awesome igloo.

You guys rock! I glad to have such rockin' cool fans out there. ;-D

In other news, I am going to be adding some other fun pages to this site. Oh, and more funny pictures comming soon!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Owner


  1. Hey Cena
    Awesome Blog
    Kewl post

  2. Hey Cena! U should check out my igloo i usually go on server matterhorn at 6:00 PM go to open igloo's

  3. Thats Awesome Cna!

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  6. hahahah first one is mine! silvas12 nice right???

  7. cena you rock!!!!
    sorry if i said mean things too you but u r the best! i love your site. even though im banned i still do on. you rock! i hope u never shut it down:)

  8. how do you make the lcd TV turn on?

  9. Hey cena yo u should look at my iggy. I have the T C P C lego on my wall post a commet on my blog saying whn we can meet!!!!! you will like my iggy!!!!

  10. cna!! MY BRO WAS ON CP at cd's party. he was at the town and he spotted you. but where did you go?

  11. that is soo cool how u came to Chrisdog93s party!!! I saw you and Disneyrox if only i could be ur buddy!
    -Lizzy Hhe,the sheep :)

  12. how did you get two sid bars
    what is the templaet html
    can you follow me
    my site url is cole10114
    my penguin name is salyer

  13. Cena! My igloo is devoted to you! And u didn't mention it..I have "Cena" and "T.C.P.C" written everywhere, I'm a total fan and you didn't recognize me...that's not nice Cena

  14. Hey Cena

    I love you're site!!!!

    have you ever seen Bash11 on cp cause I might have seen you!!! Meet me on yokon And make a cena tracker!!So everyone can Know when you're online!
    I'm out


  15. Hey cena ur gr8 ive been trying to find u plz come on cp -hatt730!!!!also i love u!!!!! (in friendly way)