Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Club Penguin is Down!

A lot of you are aware that when you go to log in your account, it just keeps says "Logging in ___ ". And it just keeps loading and doesn't let you log in, this is happening to everyone. Our Team Club Penguin Cheats crew are reporting this story LIVE. We are trying to get on the phone with Club Penguin and get more information. Keep checking for updates.

Update #1:
Club Penguin went down. No one can log in.
11:35 AM Club Penguin Time

Update #2:
Club Penguin is still broken.
11:40 AM Club Penguin Time

Update #3:
Club Penguin is now back up. You are able to log in.
11:45 AM Club Penguin Time

Update #4:
Club Penguin is acting weird. Like every minute, you would be able to log in, then you cant.
11:48 AM Club Penguin Time

Update #5:
We have now learned from sources that Club Penguin's host is down. That is the reason that you cant log in.
11:50 AM Club Penguin Time

Update #6:
Club Penguin play is still not loading. We will keep you on the lasted updates
12:03 PM Club Penguin Time

Update #7:
You CAN log into Club Penguin now. *Screams YAY!*
12:19 PM Club Penguin Time

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Owner


  1. yo that is so weird

  2. can't believe it!!!! well, i called them and they said that it might take about 1-2 hours!

  3. Hey Cena,

    Look at the Club Penguin Blog. Its about Happy77 and the new play!


  4. Guess whats froze again.... my phone. jk cp is not working.
    -9rjjacob9 your biggest fan