Friday, August 14, 2009

New Club Penguin Festival of Flights Party Free Item Cheats!

This Festival of Flights 2009 party is amazing! Looks like Gary really new how to lift the island! Here is where to find the free party items.

To find the Green Propellor Hat, go to the Plaza and find and click on the Green Propellor Hat box!

To find the free Jetpack, you need to go to the Forest and then enter the Balloon Ride. The Balloon Ride will take you to the Tallest Mountain.

Once you have finished your ride to the Tallest Mountain, exit the Hot Air balloon and find and click on the Jetpack box.

Here is how the Tallest Mountain looks like.

You can also meet Gary the Gadget Guy here!

Here are some things that you just have to check out:

1. The Night Club.
2. The Cloud Maker 3000, at the Mountain.
3. The Breeze Maker 3000, at the Dock.
4. Construction at the Underground Pool.
5. AND OUR GARY TRACKER! To help you find Gary! Click Here, to go to our tracker!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Leader


  1. This is so awesome! One of my favourite parties ever! (Fall Fair was my favourite) I think it's awesome that the non-members get TWO items that are really cool! The hot-air ride is so amazing! It must have been really have you Club Penguin to do that!

  2. This is my most favorite party yet!!! My favorite is the tallest mountain. It is soooooo cool!!

  3. I have a COol, cheat, a Special dance that uses Both Free items at this Party, it allows you to Use your Propellar Hat to Spin, and your Jet Pack to Hover, At the Same time! Please credit this ttip to Tboyman, thank-you!

  4. cool party but non- members can get only one item :(

  5. Can I add you in my friend list in Club Penguin?

  6. Plusle309 says:
    This would be better if I was a member...

  7. Hey Cena how are you I wanted t oknow how you got all the other penguins out of the picture you took on cp please let me know on my blog just comment and tell me please.

    Love your blog and great pics,

    Also thanks to you I met Gary today thanks

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