Monday, August 24, 2009

New Club Penguin Sports Catalog Sneak Peek!

The new Snow and Sport catalog comes out this Friday. Club Penguin said that it is full of new gear like football stuff and cool cheerleader wigs. Cool?!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Owner


  1. Hi!
    Lol nice meeting you at Sleet Iceberg some minutes ago! ;-)
    Can you come to my party?
    Here are the details:

    Server: Iceland
    When: Thursday August 27th
    Room: Kristjan 1’s igloo on map!
    Time: 1 PM PST [Penguin Standard Time]

    I also have more details on my site!

  2. Wow I wonder what uder stuff there will be

  3. Those items have already been out but ah well They are kewl lol

  4. Awsome! I Wonder What Items Will Be In The New Catalog! Check My Site! I Have a BIG Update!