Friday, August 21, 2009

New Club Penguin Underwater Adventure Play!

Woah! Nice play, huh? Be SURE to check out the new Costume Trunk catalog! It got so many new customs!

-Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats Owner


  1. how do you gt the tye-dye shirt?

  2. Cena got the tye dye shirt from the tresture book series 3

  3. Dear Cena12121 i learned a new cheat code without hacking.To do the cheat code u must go on elet your igloo without doing nothing wait for some penguin to come then click on them will still in elet your igloo then go to his igloo and know yours and others name wont show int ill u log off

  4. Dear Cena12121 today i learned a new cheat code.To activate the cheat first you have to be in your igloo then click on elet igloo then a friend of yours has to go to your igloo when your still on elet igloo.When one of your friends is their click on their player card then go to their igloo,know you cant see your own name and other peoples names.It will last until you logg off


    P.S if u see me be my friend

  5. Hey Cena Have You Found Any Cheats In The New Catalog Yet If So Let Me Know
    You Rock My Socks Cena

  6. awesome! i think i want to be like you! lol.

  7. do u know that there is a new play at the stage? update us