Monday, September 14, 2009

Club Penguin New Ninja Room Construction!

WOW! This is so expecting! The whole Club Penguin island is weird colored because of a NEW ROOM CONSTRUCTION!! If you go to the Ninja Hideout, you can see that they are starting to work on a new room for ninjas!

It looks like it is some kind or underground room. There is a huge wheel dumping fire into the underground room. Put on your Cloud Wave Bracers to turn the wheel.

It looks like there is a lot of fire needed for this room. The new room will also have something to do with the Black NINJA Puffles. I got a sneak peek of the new room! Check it out.

I have a ton of ideas and theories going threw my head. Post a comment and tell me what YOU think this new room is going to be!



  1. i think the same thing will hapen with snow, and water, and then the ninja hideout will get an upgrade. or a new ninja room will come. but you know, who knows? ya know? lawl.

  2. I theories running threw my head too maybe they are making the tallest mountain maybe the black puffle is going to help you with card jitsu maybe both!!!!
    My least likely theory is it as something to do with a new mission. I wonder when a new mission is coming we have not had a new mission since December anyway one thing we know for sure its going to be BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!