Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Club Penguin The Costume Trunk Catalog Hidden Item Cheats!

There is a new play at the Stage! It is 'The Penguins That Time Forgot'! Here is the new Costume Trunk Catalog hidden item cheats.

To find the Grass Skirt, go to page 3 and click on the 'G' in the word 'Penguins'.

Thats all for now! BTW, I dont understand why the play is named, 'The Penguins That Time Forgot'. Shouldnt is be 'The Penguins That Forgot Time'?



  1. well, when it says the penguins that time forgot, it means that everyone and everything forgot about those penguins until now. does that make sense?

  2. yeah i think their getting rid of hidden items

  3. you forgot the new costume catologe.