Friday, October 2, 2009

Cena12121 Gets New Club Penguin Series 2 Card-Jitsu Toys! MUST READ!

Guys! You won't believe what I just got! I got the brand new Club Penguin series 2 Card-Jitsu toys! These toys JUST came out like a couple days ago, which makes them supper rare and supper new! Here is what I got.

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Single Pack:

This pack comes with 6 regular cards, 1 'customize your penguin' card, 1 sticker sheet, a Power Card, and a Card-Jitsu unlock items online code!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Triple Pack:

This comes with 3 decks of Card-Jitsu cards - and each deck comes with 6 regular cards, 1 'customize your penguin' card, 1 sticker sheet, a Power Card, and a Card-Jitsu unlock items online code!

Unlock Card-Jistu Online:

In every pack of Card-Jitsu toys, there is a special card that comes with a code! You can enter the code on and unlock the cards you have in that pack into your penguin's online card collection! Here is how to unlock the code.

1. Go to
2. Click the 'Play Now' button.
3. Click the 'Unlock Items Online' button.
4. Click 'I have a code'
5. Enter your code that you see on the Card-Jitsu card.
6. Now, click 'Done'.

You have now successfully unlocked a Card-Jitsu code!

Power Cards:

In each Card-Jitsu pack that you get, there is a Power Card in it. Power Cards are supper awesome and cool! Instead of just throwing a water balloon, squarting hot sauce, or throwing a snowball at your opponent, you can actualy do other special moves!

Customize Your Penguin Card & Sticker Sheets:

In every pack of Card-Jitsu, there is a Customize Your Penguin card- which is a penguin that has no items/clothing on him. Also in your Card-Jitsu pack, you get a sticker sheet. Each sticker in your deck will have a clothing item. You can collect 12 sticker sheets. You can get the sticker and put in on your Customize Your Penguin card. Now you've created your own penguin card! How cool is that?!

*Rare and new Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Golden Cards*:

This is probably the best thing about the new Series 2 Card-Jitsu toys! There is a card called the Golden Card. If you get this card in your pack you can unlock 3 Power Cards for your Penguin's Online deck. Or if you are not yet a ninja, you can skip belt levels! It is very hard to get this special card in your deck. You have a 1 in 18 chance of having it in your pack.

Well, Cena12121 and Team Club Penguin Cheats will be giving out FREE Golden Card codes and FREE Power Card codes! These contests will start in maybe 1 week.

You can buy the Card-Jitsu toys at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us!

For more information on these rockin’ cool cards, visit the Card-Jitsu website by Clicking Here!

What are you waiting for?! Go to either Target, Wal-Mart or Toys “R” Us and buy yourself these awesome toys! Show them off to your friends in real life - and your friends on! I totally recomend these toys to any Club Penguin fan out there! They also make a great game to play with your friends or family!



  1. Awesome, right?! I totally love these toys! They are so cool. I'm trying to collect all of the cards.


  2. Yes. Quite Awesome Cena.


  3. Cool i'm getting the same thing i'm so excited!

  4. OMG Cena you got those i got some too and i got two golden cards i love them i hope you have fun with yours i wish i knew where you lived so you and me could go head to head with our cards mixed together and maybe you could play with me online with your new cards and my new cards!:)

  5. Cena I noticed tha only 2 of the TCPC crew spots are filled can i be in the 3rd spot PLZ I THINK I COULD HELP YOU I KNOW OF A SECRET ITEM NOT AVALIBALE YET BY THE WAY ITS AWSOME YOU GOT THOSE CARD PS MY PENGUIN NEME IS: Pirate Cody

  6. lol i bought some 2 they r awsome lol i got 3 of the same card you got ohh and my specail card was the penguin ban card wow it is soooooo cool ~your friend world life~

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  8. cena,will you gimme 1 of those codes for club penguin.please,im following you on your website,on twitter and i am subscribed you in youtube am your biggest fan.
    please gimme and i will always remember you

  9. WOWEI! I'm trying to get the triple pack of card jistu! I am beggin my dad, lol.



  10. Awesome i hope i win!!

  11. That's awsome rocking my socks off Cena! I wonder if i can buy them at wal-mart in Canada...Hm....

  12. I always knew that there was CP toys and action figores but I never knew that there was card jitsu toys!!! im going to get some fro my bday which is this wedesday!!!

    YOU ROCKS MY SOCKS! (lol you say that to us when u have parties on cp)

  13. I KNEW IT! I should have bought it. My mom said "Ahh sweetiee dayreee cheap stuff. No chunce at tawlll!" (filipino accent)
    Then I see in the back of the pack THE GOLDEN CARD. and im like " MOMMMM IT HAS THE GOLDEN CARD IN IT!" "Ahhhh noooo lettsss gooo veweree not goin two buy itt eniways!"
    I had a chance....

  14. PLZ PRETTY PLZ WITH SPRINKLES ON TOPOctober 3, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    u should have a contest for at least one pack PLZ IM BEGGING U!

  15. awesome cena! you must have a lot of money to buy those cards! trying to collect them? the best place to get cards is either from a store, or the online club penguin shop, i rather do the online shop because its cheaper, and because the packs you buy from the online store has a really good chance of holing a rare card, try it out! hope you collect all the cards! you rock cena!

  16. hello cena12121!!!!!! AIM YOURS BIGGEST FAN!!! i love you. you are the bigst! if you saig your pass tuw me dan i give coin code on your penguin! plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

  17. Hey !!!!! I love ur cheats and i have a club penguin blog to!!

  18. i got the golden card

  19. Cool, I have a Value Box and A single deck. I unlocked a Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy Drill power card and Delievery Truck power crad online. The real life cards are cool right?

  20. I want dat toys so bad now. I maybe will get them once I rake the leaves in our house, thenn my mom will give me money for doin chores then i will buy then. im geting the triple pakc!

  21. Lucky! Good luck collecting them all! I love the costume card and the rare cards! They are super cool! Thanks for telling me about them, you rock cena!!! Also, about the new gnome costume, did you notice there was a gnome in the clubpenguin poster, same one?
    hey for the contest you should really do a coin code or membership!! or even both!! my mom wont buy me any toys or books from clubpenguin..please post the contest soon!

    Keep updating me!


  22. Ooh! -puts on birthday list-

  23. Cena, this is no lie, I have the golden card, from a value deck,(23 cards, 3 code, one was gold, 2 sticker sheets)NO KIDDING!!

  24. Im so sorry that you have swine. :'(

    ~Qx4 Penpal

  25. So what I have about 20 to 30 cards! since I just bought the dojo collectors box for my birthday!

  26. hello

  27. Hey cena its your buddy daniel pop,

    i get card jitsu pack put they dont look the same???? wanna have a game of card jitsu sometime?

    -Daniel Pop-

  28. Cool. You know cena, at disneyland, they have a lot of really hard to find CP toys and cards. If u ever happen 2 go to Disneyland, check out the stores.

    ~love, your number 1 fan,

  29. i got a big pack to day i love it

  30. yesterday i got one of the golden rare master cards i got the penguin band and tour gide beat that :D

  31. Youre awesome!

    Good luck collecting them all!

    Youre so lucky to have some!
    (my parents would never buy me so I dont even bother to ask them)

  32. u wont believe it im getting a tin of card-jitsu theres a whole bunch of cards in there

  33. hey cna plz post i got a dojo collector box :)

  34. mark i got the sensei, the pencil, the rain and the drill cards beat that :)

  35. Dude, on your 2nd pic, when all the cards are spread out, the last card on the left is the rare 'Giant Squid' card!!!