Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cool Club Penguin Updates and News!

Halloween Fun & More:

There's a lot of Halloween spookiness going on around the island. The Halloween Igloo Contest is starting on Friday along with a new furniture catalog, and the Club Penguin team's even been putting together more costumes for later this month!

New Penguin Gray Color Mystery Revealed:

Remember the You Decide Poll with the rough art of the Gnome costume for the new November Stage? If you don't, you can read it Here. We where wondering why the penguins are always grey in the pictures, and we thought that there was going to be a new gray penguin color coming!Well, it's not a new penguin color. Club Penguin puts clothes on grey penguins for a reason. Grey is neutral - which means it doesn't look strange next to a different color. If we were to use a yellow or dark blue penguin all the time when we designed clothes, we might end up making a lot of clothing items that look really good on yellow or dark blue penguins, but nothing else! Using a grey penguin gives the Club Penguin team the best chance of creating clothing items with colors that work on all penguins.

New Halloween Log-In Screen:

If you haven't yet noticed, Club Penguin added a new picture in the log-in screen. Take a look, and check it out for you're self!

Cool, right? I'm really excited for the news that more Halloween customs are coming!



  1. (1st comment) nice post Cena ~Narutofan8~

  2. Cool, Cena! Did I ever said you rock? :D

    - Taylow

    (I follow you)

  3. Nice work Cena!

    You have the best cheats EVA!
    Get well soon!
    By the way, are you in high school like me?
    Also, I rescheduled the party so check out my site and see if you can make it. The info is on the right sidebar under the search bar!