Friday, October 9, 2009

Dark Cloud Covers Dojo Courtyard and Ninja Hideout!

Hmmm, that's pretty weird. I got 2 explanations for the clouds. The clouds maybe formed from all the smoke that the Volcano is making, or that is the mysterious cloud that covers the Club Penguin island each year during the Halloween Party!

Do you have any other suggestions?



  1. Hi Cena12121 I Think Its For The Halloween Party Too! So Happy Halloween!


  2. it is from the volcano because it is only neer the volcano

  3. It could be for the Halloween Party or... it also could be for another storm that could destroy the Ninja Hideout and Dojo forever! :O :O Thanks Cena 12121! Hope you get well soon if you still fave HUN1. Well... at least thats what I think its called.

  4. I think it might because the boogie man is comming to get us soon...... xD. Or maybe it's because of all thoes pollutants and global warming and stuff. (yeah, i know, i'm trying to be all "eco friendly")
    Get well soonz!

  5. okay cool when did this happen??? what day

  6. I think the cloud is for the Halloween party too!! Oh, by the way, are you feeling any better? Are you over the Swine Flu yet?

  7. hey people! club penguin is realllllyy fuunnnn. what happened last year about the volcano thing? was is cool?!? i wonder if it did lots of damamge..did it? :0

  8. Hey cena! incase you haven't noticed in the Nina hideout right were we put the fire into? look right in front of it! it looks like a tombstone.
    You rock my sox!
    - Werty21