Friday, October 16, 2009

New Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog: October - November 2009 Issue!

Here's the new hidden item cheats for the October-November 2009 Better Igloos catalog!

To find the Puffle Jack-O-Lantern:

1. Go to page 1.
2. Click on the Iron Gates.

To find the Cauldron:

1. Go to page 1.
2. Click on the right window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-out.

To find the LCD Television:

1. Go to page 3.
2. Click on the first pumpkin.

To find the Goofy Jack-O-Lantern:

1. Go to page 3
2. Click on the Tombstone.

To find the Bowling Alley:

1. Go to page 9.
2. Click on the top left of the Window.

To find the Fridge:

1. Go to page 10.
2. Click the buttons of the Electric Stove.

To find the Bowling Pin:

1. Go to page 12.
2. Click on the Construction Barrier.

To find the Band Stage:

1. Go to page 13.
2. Click on the Gramophone.

To find the Wall Speakers:

1. Go to page 14.
2. Click on the DJ Tables.



  1. wow i love the new igloo stuff thanks for the cheats :p

  2. also if you go to the page with the ticket booth if you click on the little gray thing with lines on it on the ticket booth you will get a piano.