Friday, October 16, 2009

New Club Penguin Halloween 2009 Igloo Music!

You can now add these new spooky Halloween music in your igloo! The new songs are Team Power, Ruby's Theme, Haunted Disco, and Zero Gravity. I think the most scariest is Haunted Disco.

What do you think?



  1. I like rubys theme its the only one i like i wish they would have left silly to funky.

  2. I like haunted disco. It's pretty spooky.

  3. i dont get it how do get al the music?

  4. If you are looking for the music clubpenguin files there are some things you need to know
    :#1Never copy clubpenguin files and call them yours!!!!
    :#2Only copy the file to personal computer!!
    :#3You will need to memorize codes to get EGG-sactaly what you want
    Here is a sample::you just change the numbers if you want diffrent music:::

    Copy this to you internet browser